Love For All Time Prose

There are moments in life when we are hesitant to do something, even when we are so confident about it. But there are also times when we are not sure what to do, but still do certain things because we do have to do it.

Dilemma situations like this occur from time to time; ranging from choosing what to eat at breakfast, what clothes we will wear during an important presentation in front of clients, how to put people into a certain degree in office management, to whether we should continue the relationship or end our romance with the good.

Relationship between two human beings is actually similar to the man himself. Like humans, good relationships need to be given a good intake, maintained, touched, and he also needs attention, affection, and in particular, he needs time to grow and develop.

How can we say we love something, unless we learn about it and maintain a large enough interest for it. We must accustom ourselves above it, until a certain time we feel we have a big enough demand for it. Until we know it, we feel the need to live with it, to have it, to make it a part of our daily lives.

Then, just like that, just being part of a small part of our time, love to grow and develop into a major part of our lives.

Human relations has never been a simple matter, but about love even more complicated! The problem is, we love to fall in love and we also love to be loved because love is one of the basic human needs.

A beautiful love story does not always end happily. The love story of the most famous and most beautiful in fact have the end of a very sad and tragic, that the love between young Juliet with a handsome Romeo.

Nevertheless, the story does not discourage people to create their own version of love story. We strive in love, hoping that our luck hopefully is much more fortunate than Romeo and Juliet.

Like every good achievement, love has many facets. Some people are lucky enough to love and be loved. People who else must be willing to accept their love foundered, vanished without trace, untouched by people who love them please reply. Many people had to endure and go through many complicated things before finally finding their true love. But there are also people who just need to open your eyes to see love standing right in front of them.

Very few people are blessed with love at first sight. I myself used to include those not believe this fairy tale, until one day I know that one of my friends - who have now been married for more than 18 (yes eighteen) years - says that she knows that she has fallen in love with his wife since she first looked at first. If you think it's not romantic enough, how about this, that until this moment he still continued to fall in love with his wife.

It could be that we are not as lucky as my friend and his wife, but, whether it will be better or worse, through pain and wrong, when healthy and wealthy, the happy and sad, for whatever reason, never stop the pursuit of love. Stay in love ....

As difficult as whatever it is, we can only hope that the process of falling in love can be much more simple so we can focus and accept without any reservations.

Like Led Zeppelin in their songs tell Immigrant Song,

".... We sweep on with, thresing OAR .. Our only goal would be the Western shore ... "

So ... should we really love our boat planting now? Or should we continue this search until we felt he had found the "western shore.."