Baby Born In A Truck

This baby can not wait to see the world that are born in the front seat of a truck. The truck is running on the freeway through the blizzard.

Russell LeFevre of Canoncito said, his wife having contractions since Tuesday morning. They with their children aged 3 years, Renee, go into the truck driven by brothers Russell, Neil, to Santa Fe. Reported The (Santa Fe)
New Mexican edition of Wednesday (12/21/2011).

"The storm is very thick snow outside, the officers closed the road between El Dorado and Las Vegas. I told my husband, maybe we do not have time to go to the hospital. After that I broke the amniotic fluid," said Elizabeth LeFevre.

Russell who graduated from nursing school on November 8 and say, baby born early. He then helped the birth of Joanna Mallory LeFevre in the front seat of the truck.

Fortunately, the family met with police who gave them blankets, call an ambulance, and took them to the nearest hospital. Mothers and babies are born in the truck was reportedly healthy.