Between Harry Potter and Migraine

Last sequel movie 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2', began to be enjoyed by audiences. Since its appearance in book form until the film, Harry Potter has become the most popular adventure films around the world.

But be careful, Harry Potter also save a hazard to health. A study in New England Center for Headache found, the fans of this witch figure is more prone to headaches and migraines. Nevertheless, this study did not
mention the trigger of migraine.

According to investigators, the magical world of witches in 'Harry Potter' has changed the world. Not only the kids who feel it, even adults like scientists, researchers and medical professionals are also stuck into the world of Harry.

From an article in the New England Journal 2003 study that refers calls, there is a disease called 'Hogwarts Headaches', refers to conditions that occur from too much reading Harry Potter books.

Meanwhile, A study of the Hartford Courant in Connecticut reports that some children have to undergo treatment in the emergency room when Harry Potter book went on sale. Fatigue and excitement are several major drivers.

Not only that, the storm 'Harry Potter' also creates a lot of findings that are considered quite unique. Online scientific studies related to this phenomenal magician reaches 30 units. It explains many things such as genetics associated with blood relations in the 'Harry Potter' to the relationship in the world of magic with the psychological.

A psychologist from the University of Oregon, Jennifer Pfeifer found that brains of children who read Harry Potter together with adults who read the story of the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Both, Potter and Obama is expected to change the situation through an unusual way.

Psychotherapist Colman Noctor, saying, "Who would not imagine using magic to overcome the challenges of life?. Did not even have to fight the witches?" he quoted from Parentdish.

In his study, Noctor analyze metaphors and symbolism in Harry Potter books for child psychotherapy. "This book shows the existence of racism, anger, different feelings, love, hate, loss, and more," he said Courant.

"As an adolescent psychotherapist, this is really useful things," he said.