Christmas Holiday In Los Angeles

Los Angeles shopping mall filled with exciting events for families. Of course, Santa Claus is usually present there. Also, you will meet with carol singers who made ​​the atmosphere more lively Christmas holiday. If you want to watch the ballet, Nutcracker is also shown here, except in New York and other major cities in the United States.
Then, winter vacation would not be complete without her ice skating. In LA, there sport arena outdoor ice at the LA Basin to the Orange Country. Although temperatures in California is not too cold, you can still enjoy ice skating because the technology they use to ensure the ice remains frozen. -Rink ice rink is usually open in early October to February. For Christmas experience that is truly unique, you can visit the Heritage Square Museum's Holiday Lamplight Celebration, where you can go back in time to celebrate Christmas in some Victorian houses. Christmas parties in there using the settings in 1887, 1919, and 1958.
If you are lovers of theme parks, Disneyland will certainly fulfilled the Christmas decorations and you'll meet Disney characters with their Christmas costumes. In addition to Disneyland, you can also visit Legoland, which is about an hour away from Disneyland. Do not forget to take pictures with their Christmas tree made ​​from 245,000 lego green.