Etta James treated at California hospitals

Grammy award winning singer, Etta James, who has been sentenced to suffer leukemia, is now being treated at California hospitals. Manager and friend, Friday (12/23/2011), said that Etta's body has been fitted with a breathing machine. Etta (73), known for rhythm and blues ballads in his song "At Last", was taken to a hospital near his home in Riverside, east of Los Angeles, earlier this week. She had difficulty breathing.

"They took her to the hospital. He experienced respiratory problems, so it fitted with a ventilator, and is now resting," said Lupe De-Leon, the singer's manager
for 30 years.

Etta has been experiencing health problems for years and suffering from leukemia, kidney disease, and dementia. Previously, she had also been treated at her home in Southern California. The doctor who cared for her and stayed at his house earlier in the week said, Etta considered to suffer from pain that can result in death.

The singer is also mostly communicate with just nodded his head and pulled out simple words. Grammy Award-winning three before battling obesity and addiction to heroin for years.

"It's really sad," said De-Leon, on Friday.

Etta James was the key figure in the early music revival R & B with his hit songs like "The Wallflower" and "Good Rockin 'Daddy". However, recording in 1961 with the title "At Last" that's established itself as a famous singer and perform in the arena of ballads and blues.