Guns N' Roses Reunion In 2012?

Axl Rose is the only founder who is still lead band Guns N 'Roses. Axl said he might be invited to a reunion older personnel.

Upcoming April 2012, Guns N 'Roses will be appointed to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The event was made ​​various speculations about the return of the old personnel Guns N 'Roses continue to

Duff McKagan bass player, never had a problem with Axl and several times on stage with her ​​friend. While Slash is known to argue with Axl. It makes the possibility of a reunion almost difficult to materialize.

But now the vocalist who likes to wear the headband go to vote. Older personnel reunion Guns N 'Roses could have happened.

"I have mixed feelings about the true meaning of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but at the same time, many fans who also feel something for them, and they are happy. So I do not want to take the joy out of them," says Axl on LA Times, reported by NME, Thursday (12/22/2011).

Duff and Slash might be able to return to the stage Guns N 'Roses. But not with the former drummer Steven Adler and former guitarist Izzy Stradlin.

"Most probably we invite the Duff and Slash. Not us reject and not reject Steven Izzy or anything like that. Steven may want it, but the personnel who work with me now, they work very hard. I toured with them and see what they do and I know how hard it is. So this is not a full reunion, "he explained.

Axl does not deny himself often clashed with Izzy and Slash. But with Slash was the worst fight them.

"Me and Slash began to fight from the first day we met. He came, took out my tape and played the song and wanted me to get his band. And I do not want to join the band. We fought from day one," the story of Axl on Slash.