Lexington December 22 News

Today news from Lexington

Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co. in Lexington was robbed Wednesday afternoon, but within minutes, police had a suspect and a confession

The rumble that rattled windows across Lexington on Friday and Sunday was not Santa doing a test run of some really
souped-up reindeer.

Authorities said Wednesday that a man already in prison for murder is also responsible for the unsolved murder of a Lexington woman 19 years ago.

AirTran officials said the 106 passengers deplaned in Lexington safely and were given food vouchers. Mechanics from AirTran's Atlanta

It is the goal of the Lexington Institute to inform, educate, and shape the public debate of national priorities in those areas

With a student body of about 400, Washington and Lee Law in Lexington, Virginia is easily one of the smallest of the nation's top-tier national law schools.