Life area At Pluto?

THE expert found new things about the planet Pluto which recorded the Hubble space telescope. These telescopes capture the presence of organisms in complex molecules on the surface of the planet. These molecules contain carbon building's life as it was known.

Known, there is something on Pluto's surface that absorbs ultra violet rays more than expected. Allegedly, this thing is an organism, the possibility of hydrocarbon molecules
that contain nitrogen or complex.

"This is a surprising discovery. Because these organisms may be associated with redness owned Pluto," said Alan Stern of Southwest Research Institute, Colorado.

Stern and his colleagues also found the spectrum of ultraviolet light on Pluto in the 1990s different from what is now known. These differences may relate to changes in the planet's terrain.

It is possible that the sharp increase in Pluto's atmospheric pressure has led to changes in the surface of Pluto.