Little Happiness by Little Money

Happiness is something that can not be purchased and something that should not be taken thankfully only. True happiness is sometimes not worth the nice car, jewelry, or other material things that can make happy. But true happiness takes effort and hard work to get it.

There are at least 8 ways to offer a number of experts as reported by the page, December 8, 2011 then,
in order to become a happier person.

1. Stop being materialistic
If you find happiness in an object, then it will be short-lived happiness. Because what you have is never enough, things will always be lost or damaged. Therefore, do not want what we have will lead to unhappiness. So, you should be grateful for what we have now.

2. Not obsessed with titles
As with the material, the title can be lost. If you always define yourself with a job or position you take, like a doctor or a mother, then you can just feel sad if a title or position was taken. You just need to find the happiness of yourself and be happy being yourself.

3. Get rid of clutter
Too much clutter in the home, such as too many items that are not organized properly, can cause distress and stress. Take immediate steps to clean up the mess in the house by removing obsolete, donate, or sell it.

4. Meditation
Meditation is a very useful device. In fact, scientists have found that individuals trained in meditation have different brain activity than those who had never been. They respond well to situations that sometimes make people hate to lose emotional control.

5. A structured schedule
Similar to a regular life, you must also ensure that the schedules of your activities well organized. Eating at certain hours and trying to have a regular sleep schedule. Irregularities will disturb the peace within yourself.

6. Surround yourself with positive things
The biggest factor of happiness is to be among the people who think positively. People who like a negative influence can affect your interests. So, be sure to be careful with them.

7. Focus on the good
Each of your life, from eating habits to sleep routine, you should work on every aspect of life. You can only achieve true happiness when all parts of your life well connected.

8. Write a gratitude list
Write a list of things you are thankful to renew respect for what ever you take. Write gratitude lists will help you stay focused on positive things, not negative.