Mel : The Passion of the Christ

Jesus character played by James Caviezel plays successful films such harsh reprisals "The Count of Monte Christo" in which she played a victim there are vilified and imprisoned under the ground as he whipped a remote island every year, and only escaped after 13 years and revenge against all his enemies in cold blood with careful planning. The spirit of sadism Caviezel also seen in a film titled
"Highwayman" who also once played on Christmas day following the movie 'The Passion' which shows talent revenge impactor Caviezel to his wife to death. Exactly critics 'Wayoflife' who called the film The Passion: "intimately associated with the moral vileness of Those INVOLVED in its production."

Actually, the movie "The Passion of the Christ" is hardly a film that originates in the Bible but rather as 'manipulating the message of the Bible,' because it was based vision Catholic nun, Maria Agreda and Anne Katherine Emmerich in their book "The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus. "In addition there are parts in the movie it is cornering the Jews, many scenes are also contrary to the Gospel of data, such as the Devil who answered Jesus' prayer in Gethsemane (in the Bible that angel who met Jesus), Satan is shown many times, Judas who was stoned by children and witnessed the crazy devil, and Simon Kireni pleaded not guilty and claiming the prisoner was forced to carry the cross.