Open distance Mercury and Sun

The researchers argue, on the planet Mercury's magnetic field is weak as a result of solar wind that hit him.

So far, only Mercury and Earth are known as rocky planets that have a global magnetic field in the solar system. And for years, scientists have questioned what makes
Mercury's magnetic field is so thin.

Reported by LiveScience, Wednesday (12/28/2011), turbulence in the molten iron core generates a magnetic field of Mercury. The core of this planet has an iron content of approximately two-thirds of its mass, or two times more than Earth, Venus, and Mars. It should produce the planet's magnetic field kebih of what NASA satellites have been observed Messenger.

To study Mercury's magnetic field, the researchers created a 3D simulation, the interiors of planets and the solar wind, the sun particles floods that swept the planet nearby.

The study found that the solar wind, the charged particle magnetic bounce, into a layer that surrounds the planet Mercury (the magnetosphere). The magnetic field of the magnetosphere of Mercury's core is reached, and limit the magnetic field generated by the planet's core.

"The combination between the magnetosphere and the dynamo in the interior of the planet, weakens the dynamo. This explains the mystery of the weakness of the magnetic field at Mercury," said Daniel Heyner, head of research at once physicist at the Technical University in Braunschweig, Germany.