Well Condition Place Had Arrived By Shooter

Shot after exchanging gifts

Seven people are believed to still contact the family was shot dead in an apartment in Texas, United States, after they celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts. Local police, Sunday (25/12), believes the shooter was among seven people killed them.

Four women and three men, with ages between 18 to 60 years old, was found lying on the kitchen and living room when police entered the apartment, according to Police Sergeant Robert Eberling.
Two guns were found among the corpses.

"Apparently they've just celebrated Christmas. They have just opened their gifts," Eberling said.

Yet the identity of the bodies were not disclosed. Meanwhile, the authorities have not determined what caused the bloody incident.

Todd Dearing of the Grapevine Police Department, where the incident occurred, said all the dead have a relationship family but they do not live together in the apartment but only came to visit relatives who live there.

"Seven people were killed in one place in Grapevine, this has never happened before. It was never at all," said Dearing.

Police and firefighters had previously said they came to Lincoln Vineyard complex, after receiving an emergency call at around 11:30 local time. Apertemen itself is located in Grapevine and suburban areas dominated by middle-class citizens.

Residents in the vicinity of the incident itself pleaded not hear anything on Sunday morning which also coincides with the Christmas day.

Jose Fernandez (35), a heavy equipment mechanic who lives in the complex, said he felt the area was safe but the incident that he felt otherwise.

"It's very scary, especially because it happened at Christmas," said Fernandez, who had come home to visit family in other places and was surprised to find many police near his residence.