William Wallace Monument

When I watch the movie Braveheart I am very interested in the character named William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson. The story is set in 13th century in Scotland is quite impressive that this film a box office record with over $ 210 million profit. The film was doing most of the portrayals in Scotland and partly in the Republic of Ireland in Wicklow, especially round the war. When a visit to Dublin was not long before I was also able to visit these locations in the form of a vast grassland area and not far from there there is a creek that flows

William Wallace so well known among the Scottish nation in the mountains so they called 'The Highlanders' for daring to struggle to free his country from British rule (England). History of William Wallace enshrined in the National Wallace Monument in Stirling on a hilltop not far from the Universty of Stirling. I visited this monument when the opportunity of my visit to Stirling recently. Stirling is a small town with a population of nearly 40, 000 inhabitants and is the entrance to the mountains of Scotland (The Gateway to Highlands). Located on the border of the Scottish Lowland and Scottish highland making it the most strategic to attack troops in the mountainous regions of Scotland. Great battle between William Wallace who led the fighters 'The Higlanders' with the British army (England) occurred in Stirling called as 'The Battle of Stirling Bridge'. He was the first war in demanding independence for the Earth Scotland on September 11, 1297. In the war William Wallace and 'The Highlander' defeated the British army. This war can you see in the film Braveheart.

Wallace Monument in Stirling exhibiting a collection artifaks associated with William Wallace. There is a complete historical record of his life's journey. The cost of access to this monument is £ 7.75 for adults and £ 4.75 for children. Because the monument is located dipuncak hill, the monument management provides the 'coaches' to go up there. Pedestrian routes are also available for visitors who want to walk and do not want to wait 'coach' who provide service every 15 minutes.

After climbing to the top of the hill, a challenge you do not stop there alone. The next challenge is to climb the tower monument with 246 spiral-shaped staircase with narrow routes that could dialui only one course to go up and down. Wallace monument tower was built through charitable donations for the construction of Scottish national identity in the 19th century. The project was also donated by donors from abroad, including Italy and the tower is ready in 1869, designed by architect named John Thomas Rochead with a budget cost of £ 18,000. This monument is 67 meters high as 220 feet using the sandstone as a base material with a Victorian Gothic style. Tower monument was situated on a hilltop called the Abbey Craig. From there the soldiers noticed Wallace said King Edward I of England was gathered prior to the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

Between artifaks mounumen interesting in it is the sword (Wallace Sword) belonging to William Wallace whose length is 1.68 meters which is 5 feet 6 inches which is less a few inches of my height. Besides this monument also has a special room for the Hall of Heroes exhibit the history of some major figures such as Adam Smith's Scottish nation. Who is not familiar with Adam Smith, he is the person who introduced the 'political economy' and his masterpiece is 'The Wealth of Nations'.